If you have decided that therapy might be the way forward, the first step is to make contact via telephone, email or the contact form on the ‘Contacts’ page. This will enable Jenny to gather some brief details about your problem, provide you with some information about the way she works, and answer any questions you might have. If after this initial contact you both feel that an assessment appointment would be helpful, you will be invited to an appointment at your convenience. Assessment appointments are usually offered with one week, and therapy can commence shortly afterwards.

The assessment appointment – what should I expect?

Assessment appointments typically last for 50 minutes. The four main purposes of
assessment are:

1. To gain more information about the sorts of problems you've been experiencing, how long
you've had them for and how they’re affecting you.

2. To reach a conclusion about whether or not therapy is likely to be helpful to you and, if so,
how many sessions are likely to be required.

3. To agree on some aims or goals for the therapy.

4.To provide you with some information (in verbal and in written form) about your problems
and about the CBT approach.

Please note that it is generally preferable for the initial assessment appointment to be a face-to-face meeting, however in some instances telephone assessments can be arranged.

Therapy – what should I expect?

Therapy usually follows on shortly after the assessment appointment and involves meeting for an agreed number of appointments, usually on a weekly basis. Each therapy session will last for 50 minutes. The topics discussed each week will be agreed between you and Jenny at the beginning of each session. At the end of each session you and Jenny will agree on some things to practice or try out before the next session. For example, keeping a written log of difficult situations or trying out a new way of responding in a specific situation. CBT is a collaborative therapy and there will always be opportunities for asking questions, changing the pace of sessions and bringing your own thoughts and ideas to the therapy.

Individual and group supervision is available either at Jenny’s consulting rooms or at the supervisees own location. Skype and telephone supervision are also available. Please contact Jenny for current rates. 
Training for other health professionals on an individual or group basis is available. Examples of training recently delivered includes:

Delivering brief CBT interventions

Managing sleep problems

Risk assessment

Delivering brief CBT for social

Dealing with stress in the

Working effectively with

Please contact Jenny for current rates.

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